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NJcon tickets for sale

Since there is no BosCon this year :( and in case anyone hasn't seen it - my friend kreespa is selling two gold-tickets for the con in New Jersey which is less than two weeks away. Let her know if you are interested.

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Hey everyone -- I have 2 gold passes for Salute to Supernatural NJ for sale. The seats are D35 and D26. Gold passes are now sold out, so this is a chance for you to get all the autographs and attend the cocktail party and breakfast! Please send me a message if you're interested!
They cost me $915 total, but I'm willing to sell them separately.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Boston Con ANYONE?

from my friend [info]paloma1182   

SO I have 2 tickets to the con in boston this Aug, and I unfortuneatly will not be able to go. would anyone like to buy them?

Gold tickets, Row A seats in the center i think they are 37 and 38 

AND i have 2 seats! so if u wanna sit with your friends! :)

Im selling them for face value 439. a ticket :)

So here they are 2 gold tickets, front row, almost center, on sale now! please PM me if you are interested. Im willing to sell them together or apart. E-mail MIchelle savannah.wolfe82@gmail.com if you are interested :)

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Friending Meme!

I know I took a while to post this, but RL has been kinda hectic. Anyways! On to the friending meme! Feel free to add anything to this. :D

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Looking for Roommates?

Bought a ticket for the convention, and looking for people to share the hotel room with, before booking?

STAY OVERNIGHT at the gorgeous Hyatt Regency Cambridge in the heart of one of the world's most famous sites! Enjoy the atmosphere and cool vibe while relaxing in this deluxe hotel. To get these special lower than normal rates ($169/night): CALL 1-888-241-1442 and mention the Supernatural Convention. The cut off for reservations at this lower rate is July 14, 2011 (if still available as we do expect the hotel to sell-out).

Hyatt Regency Cambridge
575 Memorial Dr.
Cambridge, MA


Parking Info: Some discounted parking (first come first serve) is available at the hotel for $21 per car. There is a lot of street parking available behind the hotel located on Vassar Street.

Feel free to comment here. Post will be linked in the sidebar.

If anyone has any suggestions for other hotels in the area, feel free to leave that info as well!

Edit: I'm familiar with Boston, so if anyone needs directions/Public transit info/things to do, feel free to comment here, PM me, or email me at xbridgetxalena@gmail.com!

EDIT #2: orange74 has brought it to my attention that the parking behind the hotel is not the best:

There is a lot of street parking available behind the hotel located on Vassar Street.

This is misleading... this area is NOT easy to find street parking and you can not park your car and leave it for days. They are metered spots, mostly two hours max, and due to the fact this is a high traffic area they are watched meters.

And that is IF you can find an open one.